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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 15, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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come be part of help us shape it. we too not have a minute to loose. we have so many blessings. now it's our job to deliver on those. and to make sure every single person, and particularly every child, no matter who they are, what they look like, or who they love, is part of the american dream now and way into the future. [cheering] let that be our message. let that be our mission. please, come out and help us fight, fight for you, fight for our children, fight for our families. let make america all that it should be. thank you, and todd -- god bless you. >> you've been watching hillary clinton in the first appearance since the health scare over the weekend in new york city. she was loaded for pear and
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ready to take on donald trump, several times mentioning his lack of specifics and his foal for pursuing things he had had years to consider but only just started to consider that. people will he looking sharply at her health. she looked and sounded okay. on the same dave that the candidates were sort of competing with each other, whose health is better or more stable. donald trump's appearance on dr. oz was showing prove, he says, that he is and has the rigors to happen the job, awful but saying hillary clintons to not. bob has been following this closely. with me right now in washington. first off, on hillary clinton, and how she did today, and how that might have calmed people down or gotten people concern thursday. >> this speech conned a lot of dem whats who have been very nervous. people have seen the video when
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she had to be helped by several people to get into the vehicle that troubled a lot of people. she said she had time for reflection and helicopter went after donald trump, and she said, look at all the people who can't afford to just stay home. made it kind of a policy speech. hough, that said, she has lost ground in september. donald trump had a very rough august and hillary clinton in the battle ground, ohio and florida, trump in recent polls is now winning. so, being off the trail has not helped her. i don't think these health issues -- questions are going to go away because she didn't reveal that she had pneumonia on friday until after the incident on sunday. >> you know, one of those states as well where she is lipping is north carolina, where she is today. she had a slight lead. now is down at bit. other polls confirm as you've indicated in other states the same. but as you often remind me, these snapshots are just that. one snapshot. the image doesn't necessarily
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stay. so the momentum has been donald trump's but can she get over this? s to an appearance like this call into question her health and whether she has been honest about that or did this ease concerns. democrats were very worried about this and speculation, some of them were looking to maybe a joe body bide run. just -- a joe biden run just in case. are they still panicking, democrats, the poll numbers in the swing states? >> i don't think she can have another health scare, period. so this one speech will help her. but she is going to have to string them together and as you people that i talked to, okay, in august said, trump is done. well, trump is not done, and have this big debate that is a week from monday. that's going to be a human factor. she has to be strong in that one. she just is going to have to convince the public that she is healthy. she is going to be turning 69. trump is 70. the oldest presidential matchup
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in history. so health is a legitimate question and concern. >> she tide have very quickly -- trump has been bragging and and put out a number of and hillary clinton has not but that bristles heir campaign but how does she counter that or can she? >> i think it's hard to counter because this is the year of the outsider and that helps trump. she has her own advantages like the demographics of the country, but i don't think a lot of people care about your 10-point plan this year. it's just not to the case. donald trump has not had a lot of specifics. he spelled out some specific'sen tax policy. not the year of the specifics. think that hillary clinton has to worry about heir trustworthy numbers. that more important than having a ten-point plan this year. >> stepping back from wham you're watching, hillary clinton
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wrapping up a speech in greensboro, cast. -- north carolina. she trying to reverse numbers that have fob against her in the latest week or so and a host of other states but the commonality in the swing states, be it ohio or florida or north carolina, or for that matter what is happening now in pennsylvania, where her lead is down to single digits, is that surge of hers is being compromised by folks who are not feeling much of this economic growth. that in particular hui the lease swing states. isn't what it was. in fact income growth in the so-called battle ground states i the week e weakest of all the states and we have trump economic adviser steve moore with us, attorney, dan yell mc mccain groff lynn. steve, you your candidate
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outlining his plan to get going. he talked about that growth and how to turn that around. clearly a message way beyond the waldorf astore ya where he toes today but to the battleground states. >> you got it. was there today, neil, and watching that speech, and helped at bit with the preparation of that speech on the plan itself, and then i just watched' -- on your network hillary's speech. that was night and day. donald trump put out a specific plan, what we're going to do on taxes and energy policy and roll back regular layings, obamacare, and hillary -- i didn't hear much of a machine to do much of anything. the heart of the plan that came out today was this 15% business tax rate for all businesses, whether it's the big companies or whether it's the small businesses. we're finding that to be very popular and to your question about the battleground states this was a message delivered to people in industrial states, like wisconsin, michigan,
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pennsylvania, ohio, where so many jobs have been lost, and donald trump had a very good line today. he said, it used to be that we made cars in michigan and you couldn't drink the water in mexico. now you can't drink the water in -- in michigan and they make the cars in mexico. and people got a -- >> a clever pay on words. danielle, i don't know whether you're in the camp of democrats concerned about hillary clinton's slippage in polls pold that it can change. i don't know where this is going to go in the next five or civics weeks. ask you is she prepared to deal with this slippage in these states and whether she has a plan to address that? because whether democrats scoff at trump's plans or math or task proposals he is apparently winning a lot of folks over. >> she has plan for all
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americans. the recent census results in the battleground states are generally good plans for their entire country -- >> these no to those in the bat battleground states. >> when you're running a political campaign sometimes the easiest story to tell is the good one. hillary clinton as suffered with her e-mails and foundation, telling a more difficult tv than the top headlines might suggest. she is is turning state that have been reliably red blue in a way we have seen the since 1970. so today was an opportunity for a reset for her. >> are you watching the same numbers i am? i don't mean to dismiss your path but just the on of late and that could change, but i'm looking at that and i'm seeing a lot of states that had slipped into hillary's column that have slipped out. my my bath -- i could be off -- 54 to 60 electoral votes in her column until a few days ago are in donald trumps of so the
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electoral math seemed to fav hillary clinton now, for the time being, favors donald trump. >> there has certainly been some tightening. the convention bump that hillary got has dissipated. she had had major health probable chez and scared but megyn kelly said it will. colin pauls e-mails are scandalous, people agree, pox on both houses. the fact it's so tight means that nobody is running away with it. steven you coward hays to clean had gones up. there's no daylight between him and hillary clinton when talking about free nanny state care. when you are praising government universal health care, there's no such thing as free health care. so people are upset. trump should be running away in states where there's battle grounds bus because economically -- >> just the opt, it was hillary clinton folks who were amazed
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there was a contest going on. but i could be wrong. steve, one thing i wanted to rain your candidate came up with a plan that maybe say calls for doubling the type of growth we have now and doing it with dramatic tax cuts his critics say won't work, deficits, going to compound the debt problem. you say what to that? >> a couple of things. to this line that the top line numbers of the economy are flint. they're not. two-thirds of americans think the economy is going in the wrong direction. that's been consistent for the last two years. you look at the new census report that came out. there's a killer statistics for hillary. the average family has a lower income, is poorer today than ten years ago. how in the world can you run on that economic message? now, what trump is basically saying is we'll get the economy moving by getting the government off the back of businesses, on the taxes and regulations. he made a good point today, neil help said when i talk to business 'men andwomen, whether
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talking about manufacturers or silicon valley companies or small businesses, they say the regulatory stronglehold that has been imposed by obama is an even bigger problem than the tax code. this is the old reagan formula. cut tangs, get the government off the backs of businesses and they'll expand -- >> real quickly is that going to register? >> sorry? >> danielle. >> i don't think -- james said in 1992 it's the economy, stupid. reject the notification this is about the economy. this is about personalities. the personalities, stupid, and the census numbers did show improvement, not considered that we head a depression in 2008, but we're slowly emerging thanks to eight year of obama. so voters -- >> one percent of them -- one percent of -- >> steven, i loved hearing you talk. when it's different from your
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candidate. talking about slapping tariffs and punishing businesses to ship jobs to mexico. and. >> maybe you scare them not to. we had a lot of good issues here and i'm sure with wrapped up all the pressing financial ones in four minutes. we appreciate it. thank you all very, very much. a quick peek into the corp ore of wonderful and broad. technology a big part. apple stock has been on official with the official release of the iphone 7. the come up 3%. so there's a propensity for folks to want to spend but pick and choose what they want to spend on. jack welch, remember whenmark cube began was here and saying jack welch was being hard on hillary clinton and said bad things.jack welch.
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enough it's jack welch's turn.
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americans are buying more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you ♪ ♪ don't just eat. mangia! bertolli
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>> your doctors oror family give awe hard time about your weight. >> i could lose a little weight. i've always been a little bit this way. >> probably a good swimmer but always been this way. i think that if i had one thing i'd like to lose weight. it's tough because of the way i live. but the one thing i would like to do is be able to drop 15, 20 pounds. that would be good. >> easier said than opportunity, mr. trump. don't need to tell you. anyway, that's the worst they can fine. it's trot what donald trump said, the worst is i need to lose weight and blood pressure is stable, maybe much ado about nothing. that something we gleaned from watching dr. oz. what we did hear from donald trump today is that -- confirming he even has a
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penchant for fastfood, and i don't know who could have a penchant fastfood -- cut not big on alcohol-doesn't like tobacco, and caffeine is a no-no with him. but everything else is fine. dr. tiffani sizemoore is with us. she had a chance to take at hillary clinton and speaking in north carolina. hillary clinton is going to be speaking to reporters very soon. we'll go to that when she does. but, doctor, what too you make of that? we race back and forth and you look and examine both candidates. on trump first and the fact he likes fastfood, but apparently doesn't drink. never smoked. does that offset the things that doctors like you've worry about? >> you know, don't think it offsets it. tell my patients a big mac equals a big belly. i dis. >> i guess it deps on how often you have the big mac.
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>> of course, abstaining from alcohol is huge. not smoking is a biggy. everything in moderation is my key with my parents. if someone has to have a big mac once a month, wow tent -- won't tell them know. >> what about every other day? >> that's potentially a problem because it's not good for you but i looked at trump's numbers and his cholesterol is impeccable. he is on cholesterol medication which i the reason why his numbers are wonderful. i would say another least he is being humble in the fact he knows he needs to lose weight and that should be his bowl. >> doctor, not switching to hillary clinton, people were scrutinizing how she looked today. i'm nor doctor but she wanted to get on the stump right away. she diagnosis evidence with pneumonia last friday. what do you tell patients of you've goings them with pneumonia? how long would you tell them to rest or in her case not get on
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the campaign trail? >> you if i had a patient her age dirks believe 68 years old -- has that -- not too many a problems. the history of the blood clots and hype opie erodism. most of the patients are hospitalized and given iv fluid him maintainers would be a minimum of one week. she is a different scenario. that not mappingable for her to take to week off but should be a good, solid week of rest. >> all right. we'll see. we might get an idea more when he see her go before reporters. thank you for taking the time. >> thank you for the big mac reminder. don't want to cut them out, just saying. we have more coming up here, this it what we're waiting for in north carolina, chance for reporters to grill her or get more of a sense of hillary clinton's health after peeking to a crowd in greensboro, north
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carolina, state in she had been leading but now trailing. and then we have jack welch. like the battle of the really rich guys where mash cube -- mark cuban said he at any time like the way jack welch was talking about hillary clinton. got nasty, as nasty as mark cuban can get. and jack welch is ready to return fire just after this. re v doctors of america. and we're partnering with cigna to help save lives. by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. doctor poses. learn your key health numbers, and take control today.
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welcome back, everyone. greensboro, north carolina, where hillary clinton is expected to answer some reporter's questions after speaking to a raucous crowd. see what she has to say about her health and -- >> back on the trail in north carolina. came to greensboro to give a positive personal speech about the vision for the future of our country why so i strongly believe we are actually stronger together because i want to give americans something to vote for, not just against. with all the noise and distraction, it's important to focus on what really matters and the real choice in this election. about the kind of country we want to be, whether we'll make the economy work for everybody and not just those at the top. whether we will bring people together or pit americans against each other. whether we'll work with our allies to keep us safe or put a
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loose cannon in charge who would risk everything. i'm going to close my campaign focused on opportunities for kids and fairness for families. that's been the cause of my life. it will be the passion of my presidency. we're offering ideas, not insults. plans that will make a real difference in people's lives-not prejudice and paranoia. and as you know, my opponent is running a very different kind of campaign. his latest target is a pastor in flint, michigan. who respectfully asked him not to use her pulpit for a political attack. he called her a nervous mess. that not only insulting, it's dead wrong. reverend faith green timmons is not a nervous mess. she is a rock for their community in trying times and she deserves better than that and president in deserves better
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and so does america. i'm going to keep working as hard as i can to lift up our country and not tear it apart. there's so much more that unites us than divides us, and i believe with all my heart the american dream is big enough for everyone to share in its promise. i'm determined to be a president for democrats, republicans and independents, for all americans, to really roll up our sleeves, solve or problems and make positive differences in people's live. so with that i'd be happy to answer your questions. >> when you were home resting over the last three days i wonder if you -- [inaudible question] -- especially -- [inaudible question] >> i've always said that this was going to be a tight race. i've said it from the very beginning, whether i was up, down. it doesn't matter. i think those are the kinds of
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presidential elections that we have in america. at this point in our hit. i'm very proud of the campaign we have put together. feel like we are in a strong position, going into these last weeks. what matters is who registers to vote and who is motivated and mobilized to turn out to vote, and i'm going to keep doing everything i can to deliver my message about what is at stake in this election. and my campaign is going to continue to work hard every day to turn out every voter we possibly can. and that's our goal and that our strategy. >> secretary clinton, the cease fire is less than a week old and reports out aleppo indicates humanitarian astance is having trouble reaching the city. do you think the agreement can hold, and if not, what should the next step for the united states be?
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>> this has been such a terrible conflict and the mew -- humanitarian cost is incalculable. i applaud secretary kerry's efforts to try to reach some kind of an agreement with the russians, in order to create a period of cessation of hostilities, no order to get humanitarian assistance into aleppo and other places within syria. i think whether or not this works is really up to the russians. it is up to whether or not vladimir putin decides that it's time to do what the russians can do to bring this conflict into a period where there can be the beginning of political
1:27 pm
discussions. a hoped-for protective zone for people who are under relentless assault from the air and a commitment to going they terrorist groups that pose a threat to everyone. so i'm going to watch this closely. but at the end of it, it's going to be determine by whether or not the russians decide it is in their interests to pursue this agreement. >> secretary clinton, it appeared that your running mate, tim kaine meat not have been aware of your knew moanan on friday. if you didn't inform him what does that say about your relationship with him in the white house, how in the know hoe would be on develops in your administration. >> my senior staff knew and information was provided to a number of people, and, look,
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this was an ailment that many people just power through and what it thought i would do as well itch didn't want to stop. didn't want to quit campaigning. certainly didn't want to miss the 9/11 memorial as a senator at that time i consider it a sacred moment and i was determined to get there. it didn't work out. so, i got the antibiotics up and going, got the rest i needed, and we're going on from there. -- in terms of campaign, how often you tell the truth is key to your relationship with your partners and seem -- [inaudible question] that do you feel that your -- [inaudible question]
1:29 pm
-- were jeopardized by the fact that you didn't explain -- >> no -- look. i -- >> -- have been seeing -- >> i communicated with tim. talked to him again last night. he has been a great partner and is going to be a great vice president. [inaudible question] >> we have communicated bit i'm not going to go into our personal conversations and i feel very comfortable and confident about our relationship and i really look forward to working with him closely. [inaudible question] -- have gotten ruff and you have put up defenses. can you be more specific about your defenses you're referring to and did voters get a glimpse of that in the way your campaign handled the events surrounding
1:30 pm
your illness over the weekend? >> you know, my campaign said they could have been faster, and i agree with that. i certainly expect them to be as focused and quick as possible. but i have to say from my perspective, i thought i was going to be fine, and i thought that there wasn't really any reason to make a big fuss about it. so i should have taken time off earlier. didn't. now i have. and i'm back on the campaign trail. >> going to the united nations -- [inaudible question] -- leaders from other countries, of course, neither they nor there citizens can vote in the united states. so why are you making that sort of calculated choice to take time off from the campaign trail when you -- contrast with donald
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trump. >> well, think it's important to be constantly reaching out, listening to, learning from, leaders and i was pleased to be able to find the time to meet with several of them, which i intend to do, to hear first hand their perspective about what they see happening in the world today, to answer their questions from what i think is happening, whether it's in syria or anywhere else. there's a lot going on in the world, and i have a long standarding set of relationships that go back not only to secretary of state and senator, but back to first lady, and i think it's important to tend to those relationships and won't be able to have has many meetings because of the press of the campaign as i have had in prior years but looking forward to the wasn't we are scheduling.
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thank you all very much. >> all right. i don't know what people got out of that. a lot of talk about going into their pneumonia and how it was communicated and tim kaine didn't know the details. some were saying she was overheated and others saying, no, it's knew moany. always there was a communication break-through and she said she could have been better. whether that resolved the issue is nip's guest. jack welch knows a thing or two about getting in front of a crisis before it compounds itself and judging from what is happening to her poll numbers in certain states, she has at least a minicrisis going on here. that caused this drop. what's going on. >> today she was out showing she is healthy, as trump was yesterday, on dr. oz. so i think the health thing is way overblown.
1:33 pm
think they're both healthy candidates and let's see how it goes. >> the rappens -- really didn't give a lot of information out there. should they? when you were running ge, don't shareholders have the right to know whether you're physically fine? we seen with other ceos in the past it's what you don't know can hurt you. >> she had a cold. she had pneumonia. >> that we know of. >> these what we know about health not together toe change the world -- >> do you think it pass poorly handled. >> all agreed that sheave hap been mortgage folk coming when she was questioning to her daughter's house but i don't -- >> so this was made a big deal, why donald trump went on a show like dr. oz to talk about his health status. numbernumber of that matter topu unless they're obviously ill. >> i don't think it's an issue. >> i had mash cuke ban the --
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cuban here the other day when if first came back. he was telling me that as much as he loves you he doesn't think you have been fair to hillary clinton itch want you to reaction to this. >> my point with jack -- i don't know him, never met him, never talked to himself when he was a ceo of ge he got accused of a lot of things imminent know what was true, what wasn't true. but i would never accuse him of something without knowing the facts. and that's exactly what jack welch has done and it's not the first time. he made accusations that the bureau of labor statistics with the unemployment rate was one by -- he saved the guys in chicago or something like that. so it's not in the first time for him. >> he wag saying your criticism over the christian tongues you didn't check your facts. >> i don't -- know him and never spoken to him and he was successful in thedot-com bubble
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in -- and has meat a lot of money and had a show on "shark tank." he is a hillary clinton supporter and he has every right to criticize me -- >> do you think criticism of you was fair, that yaw were assigning nasty motives to hillary clinton and -- >> no, i wasn't. what i said was, the pay to play in the clinton foundation lookss' your honor and is worth look at. >> let's switch gears to donald trump. you're supporting donald trump in the beginning of the campaign season it was ted cruz. >> yes. >> what do you think how ted cruz handled some of the convention? i didn't get a chance to talk with you. was home. what do you make of that? >> i didn't like him taking the pledge and then walking away. now, he was obviously piqued by the comment comments that trump method about his wife sigh can understand some reaction to that, but he made a pledge. >> to support the nominee. >> support the nominee and then i'm disappoint backed aitch from
1:36 pm
it. >> would you think twice about ever supporting cruz again? >> if'd think twice about it. >> so you think everybody, run'ses have to get on -- republicans have to get on board. might not love donald trump but he it besser than hillary clinton. >> my position is i'm voting for a republican at the top of the ticket and i look at the policies of the republicans versus the democrats, and i'm all for jobs. like -- i saw trump today at the economic club. i thought he was both presidential and substantive. thought his comments were first rate. i love his tax plan and capping dededuction on the wealthy. >> he did lower their tax rate from 39.6 -- >> as long as -- as well as everybody's tax rate. i love his regulatory attack. we're regulating -- harvard came
1:37 pm
out with a study which showed the regulatory burdens and the government mess that is creating -- but i love an aspirational goal of four percent. look his tax poll do. >> he wants economic growth four percent which is double what is now. how do-able is that. >> we have doesn't it before with reagan and with kennedy and with kennedy and johnson together. in the '60 center field we can do it. it's are separational. but we can't do it pouring out regulations every single day that make doing business very difficult. and we got a tax rate on corporations of 15%. which will clean up the inverse -- >> a lot of these guys like. like it when he went are ford for billing compact cars in mexico and said that if they think they're going to get away with that if he were president he would take the cars when they're resold in the united states and slap a 35% tariff on
1:38 pm
them. >> i'm not buying that program. i wouldn't like that program. i sure liked the 15%. >> i understand that. but that would be a trade war. >> no. not a trade war. we get away from inversion. but no inverse when you do that. >> company do not abroad to take advantage of a lower rate. >> don't think this raitt threat would we realize. >> a lot has ay pulpit and has a right to scare the hell out of ceos. >> how i he doing? you thought he had a fast, loose gun style. >> i have a case why i'm from the republican candidate and whether it's on tact tacticses or regular la tier reform or energy, and i want independence. everything single this that mrs. clinton is proposing.
1:39 pm
we have flawed candidate. we're all flawed. like the fact that i leak the growth plan because i think jobs or part of place and prosperity. jobs create wealth. for lots of people i believe that rising tides happen everybody and i thick it's very important that we have a growth policy and i love the policy that trump outlined today, and we'll have people nitpicking it but at least it's not more of the same. have watched for eight years the squeezing down of the economy, the choking off with climate change being the number one priority. it's not in the number one priority. far ahead on cite change. we have to get a country that is growing and where everybody has opportunity. >> hillary clinton says the way to get that is to have the rich put footmer of the bill and have
1:40 pm
not been paying their fair share. >> we have been raising taxes steadily -- >> when they say fair share i thought it was when we returned to 39.6 and added nor pay for the health care law. what do you worry about with that? >> i just think you can't keep sucking insenttive out of the system, and the facts are, the wealthy are paying their fair share wimp got to get more people into the pot with greg becames and the way we'll get growing becames is to get -- create more jobs and be more competitive. >> the liberal argument is raid the tacks on the rich, get a $15 minimum wage going, if you can't do it by market forces, forcibly crunch it. >> we tried this. we have no economy. we're growing at one-1/2 and a half, two percent. that's not enough to take care of people is in country too. many people out of the to the work force, the lowest
1:41 pm
participation rate. people are out of work and people are looking for a policy that drives growth in america. growth in america is what we need. and we will get it with this type of -- we'll have a shot another it. say we'll have a shot at it. we know more of obama light and' n regulation, obama-like in tasks won't do that. we have tried it for eight years. >> , he says we tried it and we have come off of that and gotten all these jobs and it's working. >> neil, stop it. just stop it. >> why are you yelling at me? >> you're just trying to rile me up and i'm not rilable. just know i'm -- >> we both had heart operations. that the last thing want to do. >> i'm vote knowinger republican candidate and i hope you get 21 years with yours.
1:42 pm
>> i thank you for your kind words and support. one of your fit books you talked about how ain't important in hiring workers for. the to be smart. and weed through the tedwood but passion meant a lot. zeal and -- hillary clinton has a lot of policy and positions and she goes back and people say she'll bring at that time to a debate. donald trump is a loose cannon but engine dr. a great deal of passion. which is more important. >> the guy who is a leader in this country right now that will be as separation -- aspirational. she is more measured to contrast herself with a more flamboyant trump. this is all about personality us about let get away from it. >> oft also about personality. >> should be about poll sits, who is going grow this economy
1:43 pm
and create jobs. trump is doing things that have not been done and never -- never-trumpers are yelling at him. these guys said sit in an ivory tower and say we must have it all. well, the election took place in the primary. and their requesteds were rejected. -- their ideas were rejected and when trump moves into the minority community and talks about opportunity, talks about growth, talks about jobs, that something -- >> what do you think of barack obama speaking in philadelphia that there's a double standard with trough gets away with say outlannish stuff and i see more coverage of donald trump but do you think the media is harsher on hillary clinton because the president does? >> you watch morning joe and
1:44 pm
you'll get three hours of hating trump. you watch hannity and you'll get one full hour of hating hillary clinton. >> cnbc is in the tank for hillary, right? >> i don't think that. i don't know notice that. >> you shook your head the other way. >> i don't notice that. >> out of time. >> but i do notice that the country is going to vote -- they're sick of the yesterday ya driving home they're -- the media driving home -- >> you've think trump hat a shot. >> a 505 shot. >> what would d ash 5-50 shot. keep focusing on how to get the four percent growth, going to be more exclusive go to the minority community. show them opportunity. >> real quick on the heart thing. have been through these open heart surgeries and you were so nice after mind. do you really have to eat
1:45 pm
healthy 24/7. >> you will the first year then dwindles away. >> okay, fine. jack welch. thank you for your kind unless. jack made my career possible, my friends and he is still living with the guilt from that to this day. friendly press today for hillary clinton or was it just the questions that were asked. more on that after this. red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97? yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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test. test. test. i was diagnosed with endometrial cancer.
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stage four cancer. and i was shocked. the plan at that point was to start chemo. every three weeks i would get my chemo infusion. it would work for a few months then would quit working again. my oncologist ordered the genomic testing. if they've exhausted all of our standard agents, then we offer advanced genomic testing. in lynn's case, the result of that testing showed that her cancer had two actionable mutations. an actionable mutation is a genetic abnormality in that particular patient's cancer cell for which we have a targeted therapy.
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i feel great, i've just basically put cancer in the back of my mind. i think it was the best decision of my life to go to cancer treatment centers of america. it feels good to get your life back. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn how advanced genomic testing is changing the way we fight cancer at appointments available now. you know, media advice is in thieves the beholder, what your prism or politics. hillary clinton had a chance to have reporters ask her question they did not appear to be overly tough but that could just be my impression. howard is the host of media buzz; howard, what did you think of she smattering of questions she got, also on the plane when she was on her way to north carolina? >> it seemed to me to be
1:49 pm
extraordinarily low key on both sides. this was the press' first shot at hillary clinton since the pneumonia had sidelined here and the handful of questions were why are the polls tightening, which is how is it you're in danger of losing to donald trump but never produces a newsworthy answer and then the question about her regs show and cop identifieding we tim kaine which voters don't care about. she was asked about the mishandling of pneumonia diagnosis and she gave such a brief answer that she was deliberately trying not to make news and gived the mia -- media a sound bite. >> is this enough what he did today -- is that enough or the doubts still out there? what should the media do. >> the press has to continue to aggressively question hillary clinton and it was just didn't
1:50 pm
really seem that today. her corps tries to do a good job but the voters because of the pneumonia scare are going to be watching her body language and voice. i heard hillary bias in the immediate clean big mistake she made was really the basket of deplorables comment. attacking the other guy's voters. you see a number of commentators and also even straight news anchors saying, well, was that really such a mistake because isn't true that men of trump's voters are sexist and racist. >> the the "washington post" thinks it's right. >> it's not a politically smart thing to say. >> thank you very much. there's breaking news.
1:51 pm
apologize for the trunk indicated citiment. >> are the rich not taxed enough? have we had enough? after this.
1:52 pm
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1:54 pm
more government, less government. who said liberals really aren't generous? i have been talking with a number of guests this week. it's just with other people's money. that's what bugs me about the class warfare argument, the notion that the rich will finally pay their fair share, that they have been getting away with murder and it's got to end. i want you to think about what they're saying. if yoe i don't care if you're left or right, republican or democrat. just don't charge them more or their friends more or those who are demanding all the services and benefits more.
1:55 pm
charge something else. charge the rich. it's only fair. but what is fair? and what is a fair share? when the president raised the top rate back up to 39.6%, he argued at the time it was only fair, and they were fine with paying their fair share. fine, until he had to pay for the health care law, so he charged the same rich a few percentage points more in taxes to bring it closer to 44%, and then that was fair. and then started limiting their deductions, to squeeze more taxes out of them, and that was finally fair. then talk even now of a trading tax on their investments because then that would be fair. more talk still of a series of luxury taxes to zap them where it hurts, when they buy their goodies because that would be fair. you see where i'm going? it's fair to say i'm confused. then again, not too long ago, doctors were ripping out my chest, so what is so unusual about clawing for our wallets? all i do know is that it is fair to say that the definition of
1:56 pm
fair, well, it keeps changing. as does the fair number of folks increasingly paying more than a fair amount of taxes. at first, it used to be millionaires and billionaires. then, to get more money, they needed the high hundred thousandaires, then maybe not them at all, and all because the folks pushing the spending realized that taxing the super rich doesn't come close to keeping up with the super spending. at least they're getting better at math. they realize their numbers don't add up so they have to get more to pay up, and all because they're convinced that what the government does will be important always and it will always be a need for bigger government. it's like they forget the very means they're creating and the financial frankenstein they're unleashing. in love with their creation, but not exactly in love when the bill comes to keep him alive. it's alive. anyway, that's what happens when people recommend we need more
1:57 pm
spending. they think it will never be on their dime until they run out of your dime. then again, it's all politics until you realize -- good night.
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
2:00 pm
hello, everyone. i'm eric bolling along with kimberly guilfoyle, and juan williams. we skipped juan williams. and greg gutfield. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." >> well, she's back today americans got to see hillary clinton for the first time in four days since sunday after she collapsed while departing the 9/11 memorial in new york city. she's been home recovering from pneumonia, but returns to the trail this afternoon in north carolina. >> i have to say it's great to be back on the campaign trail. i'm not great at taking it easy even under ordinary


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